Accepting a Quest:

  • bet!
  • Im an trustworthy man! Heh...i know what happens to the ones that are not.
  • Shurely, you have my support.
  • Getting down with this should be fairly easy.

Declining a Quest:

  • No.
  • No...
  • Nah...i'll pass.
  • No, i have other things to do.

Attacking (in general):

  • Face me, come on!
  • Look into my eyes, coward!
  • You'd wish that i would leave you alive, but you are asking for it!
  • Hah, run!
  • You better run!
  • Don't you know who i am?

Attacking a female enemy:

  • I wish i had my prongs.
  • Fight like a man!
  • Come on, lady!
  • Baba, baba! Urrraa!

Attacking an animal enemy:

  • Stand back, beast!
  • Hah, hah! I wish i could take my hunting knife!
  • Your species got impressively resistant organs!
  • I pity the foolish animals that stand up to me!

Attacking an undead enemy:

  • Get back to your grave!
  • After im done with you, no necromantic mumbo-jumbo will bring you back home!
  • I never saw you before...then you don't know what real pain is!
  • Remember the good times we had?
  • Bwahahaha, i don't care how many lives do you have! I'll gut you like a rooster!
  • Hah, i think i know that face!

Attacking a Poroniec, Fajermon, Graniecnik, Miernik or Kłobuk:

  • Gaaah, for Triglav's sake!
  • Ughh...not one of these.
  • Even an executioner can be feaked those things are suffering!
  • Even i couldn't come up with a punishment like this.

Attacking a Boss, Quest Boss or a Mini-Boss:

  • So you are the tough one!
  • Come on, show me what you got!
  • Time to take this bastard down!
  • This one is strong...i need to have that in mind.

Low life:

  • Aiiiiee...that hurts.
  • Hah...ughh...come on!
  • i know how that one guy felt!
  • Each one has to meet death, even me.